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As you should know, Instagram is a critically essential social network for you to have; Facebook would still take the cake, but Instagram is just as important. The photo sharing app is becoming increasingly essential for all types of business. This goes for bloggers making a name for themselves, for retailers, and even travel companies.

This Davao social media marketing tool is now considered an avenue where ordinary people find (and judge) the visual identity of a business. If your business is lacking a strong Instagram presence, you run the risk of being ignored or else being forgotten.

This is especially true with teenagers – the next generation of potential clients – who consider it an important social network they can’t live without.

Now that you know why your business should have an Instagram account in order to help it grow, here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

Formulate An Instagram Strategy

Begin the experience by doing some research. There’s no better way to do that than to use the application for yourself before using it for your business. You should also check Instagram accounts of other businesses in your industry — competitors included — both for inspiration and for data-gathering.

Once you’ve grown accustomed to the app, you can start planning your Instagram strategy. This should reflect your broad social media marketing plan, which would serve as your business’s guide for its social media activities. You also need to set some specific goals along with the Instagram strategy. They may include:

Establishing Your Instagram Brand

Visuals and a whole lot of visuals, that’s what Instagram’s all about. Therefore, you need to set out to establish a cohesive, noticeable brand identity. How you approach your Instagram brand will depend on the strategy you’ve formulated beforehand.

For starters, you may want to consider the visual style you want for your Instagram brand. You can either choose a single filter or a set of them that you’ll use for a majority of your shots if not all of your photos.

By using the same filters simultaneously, you build a style that’ll be recognizable to your followers. Your overall goal is to get Instagram users to stop scrolling once they spot your image in their feed (in order for them to engage with it by either liking it or commenting on it).

You should be warned that it’s not easy getting likes on Instagram compared to Facebook, so it would help to collaborate with a popular Instagrammer or someone with influence on the community to some extent. You can provide them with access to your account for a day, or else ask them for ideas about your brand.

By doing so, you gain an advantage for your business and expose it to that Instagrammer’s audience. Just be sure to coordinate with them properly, and plan an effective social media marketing strategy with them.