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As one of the largest social networking sites all over the world and having 1.23 billion active users, Facebook is one great avenue for your online marketing strategy. In addition, 62% of users check Facebook on a daily basis. With that many users online, ignoring Facebook isn’t really an option for most internet marketers.

You can bet that your target audience is using Facebook every single day. The question here is: how will you target every single one of them with your social media marketing strategy? Fortunately, Facebook’s advertising platforms‘ permits you to lock in and specify the type of clients you’re seeking. You can target them by location, demographics, and interests.

Who’s Using Facebook?whos-using-facebook-sharpmonkeys

Before being one of the most prominent social media channel known all over the world, Facebook originally started out as a social network only for college students.

However, by now, everyone across the globe with an Internet connection can have a Facebook account. The age requirement for one to create a Facebook account is 13, and there’s reason to believe that it’s being used by every single age group.

Usually, Facebook doesn’t publicly send out information on which age group uses it most often; however, there’s been a study that showed that social networking is popular for people that belong to the 18-29 age group. The site’s popularity can decrease with age as its least popular with people who belong to the 65 and older age bracket.

How Can You Use Facebook To Market?

Facebook has three tools that can be used by practically anyone. Every one of these options has their own functions, and they can also be fused together for a greater reach.

The Pagesfacebook-pages

Facebook pages are just like someone’s personal Facebook profile, but it’s for enterprises, organizations and public figures. Users have the option to “Like” a page, which means they can instantly get notifications in their news feeds. This doesn’t automatically mean they’ll follow the page as well, just as users have the option to follow profiles without “liking” them.




facebook-adsThe Ads

Facebook offers internet marketers an amazing targeted advertising avenue. You can generate ads that are targeted at particular geographical locations, ages, educational levels and even the type of devices that were used for browsing.

In addition, Facebook also lets users decide to close the ads they don’t like and “Like” the ones that they think caught their interest.


The Groupsfacebook-groups

Facebook groups are somewhat similar to discussion forums; however, it has extra features that pages and profile haves (like a wall, for instance). You can generate groups related to your industry’s niche, products or even services. These then serves as ways for you to reach out to potential clients.

Overall, Facebook isn’t just one of the most powerful social media marketing tools available for use, it’s also a flexible marketing tool as well. No matter what type of enterprise you’re currently operating, it has sufficient marketing options that you can adjust to fit your personal marketing strategy, your overall budget, and your time constraints as well.